Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Boutique created by colaboration between two local labels Pearl in Crown and Independent Flavor

We finally made it, after lots of chaos and fear, with no real budget:-) but with lots of creativity,energy, optimism, fun, same mindset, magic, friendship, polish blood and strong European influences we created EA Effect, our first boutique that fuses our ideas and passions.
We still work under our own labels; Pearl in Crow and Independent Flavor and now our products are exclusively sold in our boutique , we will also create EA Effect line made of t-shirts and jewels first and then we will go beyond. We feature designs from fantastic talents among emerging designers and work with many local artisans and we also sell limited edition, one of a kind and reformed fashion. We will make it different then any other place and you will be feeling EA Effect after visiting our shop -  burst of creativity, inspiration, magic and uplifted spirits...The boutique is dedicated to all creative people who appreciate something different and who like to have fun with their look. Come hang out with us and shop the best stuff. LOVE


Piazza at Schmidts
1050 North Hancock Street, Suite 58
Philadelphia PA 19123


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